Innovasys Engineering delivers Consultancy, Design & Engineering Services for Process, Power, Water & Waste Water, Public Sector and other Industries in the domain of SCADA, Instrumentation, Control Systems/Automation, Electrical and Solar Energy in Pakistan.

We, in general, provide following Services:  

- Feasibility Studes

- Basic Design

- Tender Design / Requirements / Specifications

- Detailed Design & Engineering

- Design Review and Validation

- Commissioning Supervision

- System Audits and Inspections

- Project Management (Design, Procurement & Construction phases)

Innovasys is a design & engineering company delivering services to various Industrial sectors. We deal in Plant Design & Engineering in general and Industrial Process Automation, SCADA, Instrument & Control and Solar Energy in particular. We work in different cultures and countries, and our Engineers are well experienced and known to local traditions & norms to carry out their work in Quality and Satisfaction.

Our in-depth knowledge of different Controls, Instrument, Electrical and Solar Energy technologies and expertise in various applications encompassing solutions and designs help you to select, maintain and enhance the integrity and availability of your Control Systems.

Innovasys is in full commitment with control system community to make all efforts enhancing the integrity and availability of the control systems and helping the control system world, especially end users to understand and maintain their systems at required availability and SIL.

The expertise of our automation engineering and support staff, combined with the resources of Innovasys's vendors, creates a knowledge base and a level of service unmatched in the industrial automation industry. We help you select and apply the factory automation products that reduce risk and increase productivity.

Innovasys Engineers come from different background and experience, and their contribution to Control Systems make difference to bring reliability and safety in the systems. Innovasys Engineers working under umbrella of Quality Standards and systems bring satisfaction and required results to our customers.


We are group of professionals having international experience working with the vision to provide quality and satisfactory services to the industry. Our aim is 'Better design' and 'Greater satisfaction to our customers'. We have set to a mission of 'Better & Safe Industry brings better Societies and Nations'.

Staff of Innovasys have credentials of working with multinationals such as OEM, System Integrator and Engineering Consultant in various countries serving process industry in general and Instrumentation & Control in particular. Innovasys Engineers strive to deliver professional services in accordance with the applicable International Standards and Industry Practices.


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