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Innovasys delivers Industrial Consultancy, Design & Engineering, Solutions & Systems of Process Instrumentation, Control Systems and Automation to various Industrial sectors in Pakistan. We, in general, provide following Solutions, Systems & Services :

- Custody and Inplant Flow Metering Systems
- Safety Shutdown Systems
- Process Control Systems
- Boiler Control & Burner Management Systems
- Tank Guaging and Level Control Systems

Our Featured Automation Solutions / Systems i.e SCADA, Enterprise HMI, Remote / Web HMI, Historian, Alarm & Event Management System & Process Analyzers for various industries are well designed and suited for the effective productivity and operations management.



Our Methodology

Innovasys increases productivity through process efficiency improvements for a wide variety of industrial automation clients. Our design engineers and project team have a proven track record of improving processes and streamlining engineered production systems.

Our system design engineers work closely with you to understand your existing processes and your desired production goals. Applying our many years of automation engineering experience in implementing automation projects, we can recommend the factory automation products and engineering design approach that will best solve your application to meet your goals.

Innovasys's project methodology builds on a strong foundation of leadership in the automation industry. We bring years of experience to every project we undertake.

Innovasys's four-step engineering process begins with your challenges and ends with your success:


- Innovasys's Application and System Engineers conduct survey and measure your current system status & performance to create our Project Scope proposal.

- During our Conceptual Design phase, we document the critical success factors, technical viability, hardware and software requirements, and engineering resources required to achieve your objectives.


- Our Project Proposal phase details Innovasys's deliverables, including development specifications, definitions of the scope of work and assignment of a dedicated Project Manager.

- Next we provide the System Engineering documentation. This consists of design strategies, vendor and supplier qualifications, system software information, training documentation, and a firm project timeline.


Next we are ready for the Assembly and Test phases. During this time, we finalize the schedule, all software implementation, and finally, the factory test.


Following production testing and qualification, the project is now complete. We are ready to turn the final system over to you to use. Operator training and start-up assistance is provided as needed - for a few months or for years to come.

Consultancy and Design & Engineering Services

Every project has its own parameters: location, size, performance criteria and technical needs, among other factors. Together they define a project's engineering and design challenges. Working from this point of view, Innovasys applies its experience and resources to arrive at the right solution for our clients, to meet their local project needs and challenges.

The individual and collective project and technical expertise of its engineering experts allows Innovasys to deliver appropriate, cost-effective solutions to clients to maximize assets, improve competitive positioning, and increase long-term business success. Engineering and Design are the competencies which we apply to take up every project as challenge and deliver with in cost, budget, time and quality.


1) Front End and Design Engineering

- Systems and schematic engineering
- Equipment and materials specifications
- Instrumentation/Electrical systems design
- Facilities layout and plot plans
- Feasibility studies

2) Detailed Design and Engineering
- Instrumentation
- Electrical
- Civil/Structural
- General Civil and Fire Protection

4) CAD Services
- Paper drawings conversion to Intelligent CAD drawings i.e P&IDs, ILDs etc
- Custom CAD works

5) Miscellaneous Services

- Project Management
- Consultancy & Advisory Services
- System Audits & Verification
- Risk assessment
- Pre-bid / proposal engineering
- Cost estimations and BOQ
- Procurement support
- Field / Construction support

I&C Detailed Engineering

Innovasys is serving various industries providing Process Control System Engineering & Site services. Our Project execution includes design, Engineering and commissioning as well as Maintenance support of Control Systems using state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies.

Our in-depth knowledge of different Controls technologies and expertise in various applications helps you to select, maintain and enhance the integrity and availability of your Control Systems.

QA/QC remains at top of our activities at any stage to meet the international highest quality requirements and standards as well as timely project execution made possible by Innovasys defined systems and procedures.

Innovasys works closely with its client to prepare and deliver within following scope:

- Conceptual / Basic Design
- Front End Engineering (FEED)
- Detail Design & Engineering (EPC level)
- Interface Engineering
- Preparation of Bill of Material
- Preparation of Cost Estimations & budgeting
- Procurement Engineering
- Proposal development
- Tender Development
- Bids evaluation
- Preparation of Contracts
- Design vetting (for clients)
- Factory Acceptance Test
- Site Acceptance Test
- Commissioning & start-up

Flow Solutions

Innovasys provides Consultancy and design & engineering of flow metering system in diversified industrial base spanning Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Chemicals Industries, Pharmaceutical & Diary Projects, Water & Waste Water Management, HVAC Systems.

Selecting right technology for the application is becoming a complicated decision especially when resources are limited. The decision to invest in the right technology to get the fastest return on investment requires expertise knowledge. Our expertise & knowledge with your practical suggestions will help both of us to build a better flow measurement community.

High temperatures and pressures characterize the operating environment for some processes, and the need for robust, reliable solutions extends to the equipment used to measure it's products. Innovasys strive for accurate and versatile measurement solutions that span the measurement needs of your process. Whether handling heavier fractions, lighter liquid elements, automotive- or aviation-grade fuels, waxes or lubricants, the right selection of flow products is mandatory for accuracy & reliability.

Our Consultancy and Design & Engineering Services include:

• Flow Meter Selection
• Functional Design Specifications
• Technical Design Specifications
• Sizing Calculations
• Instrument Datasheets
• Audit & Evaluation i.e Metering Audits
• Acceptance Test Manuals
• Instruction and Operation Manuals

We cover Installation & Commissioning flow measurement system for Gas, Liquids & Steam applications. The metering technology includes:

• Flow computer hardware
• Flow computer software applications
• PLC based Flow Metering Systems / SCADA
• Metering Control Panels
• Ultrasonic Flow Meter
• Thermal Mass Flow Meter
• Turbine Flow Meter
• Averaging Pitot Tube
• PD Meter
• Orifice Plate
• Venturi Meter
• Flow Nozzle
• Vortex Flow Meter
• Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Application Areas:

• Flare Gas Metering
• Custody Transfer Terminal Metering
• Leak Detection Systems
• Cryogenic Flow Measurement
• Steam Flow Measurement
• Stack Flow Measurement
• Custody transfer
• Fiscal measurement
• Batch loading and deliveries

Automation Solutions & Systems

Innovasys specializes in the development of turnkey automation projects i.e systems integration of various PLC / DCS brands and SCADA packages. We offer comprehensive project services that are involved with the engineering and installation of plant electrical, automation and information systems projects for a broad spectrum of end users.

Delivering innovative solutions and systems is our passion. We gather all the required hardware, software and instruments for in-house integration of a Process Control System in accordance with your SRS (System Requirements Specifications). We endeavor to deliver a Control System within cost, budget and time with no compromise on quality, integrity and reliability of the system.

While we prefer to handle your entire project, we are also happy to assist you with the design, fabrication, repair, or any other specific control system needs you might have.

Our in-house procedures and systems guide our teams and individual through every step to prepare one of the following major deliverables;

- Review & Finalization of system specifications i.e process control system, safety system, F&G system, SCADA, RTUs
- Development of System Architecture / System Design
- Preparation of Instrument data sheets
- Preparation of Instrument List
- Preparation of Bill of Material
- SAFE / Cause & Effect charts
- Logic Diagrams
- DCS configuration or Development of PLC code / programming i.e Ladder Logic, Functional Blocks
- Preparation of HMI graphics
- Instrument Loop Diagrams
- Capital expenditure estimation (CAPEX)
- Preparation of installation & commissioning procedures

- Control Panels:

- PLC/RTU enclosures
- OIT/HMI enclosures
- Communications enclosures
- Motor control centers

- Field Services:

- Loop checks
- Instrument and loop calibration
- On-site project management
- Commissioning and training
- Preventive maintenance
- On-site troubleshooting

We can help you with every aspect of Control System and encourage you to also rely on us a third party source of evaluation of requirements and approach.

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