Consultancy and Design & Engineering Services

Every project has its own parameters: location, size, performance criteria and technical needs, among other factors. Together they define a project's engineering and design challenges. Working from this point of view, Innovasys applies its experience and resources to arrive at the right solution for our clients, to meet their local project needs and challenges.

The individual and collective project and technical expertise of its engineering experts allows Innovasys to deliver appropriate, cost-effective solutions to clients to maximize assets, improve competitive positioning, and increase long-term business success. Engineering and Design are the competencies which we apply to take up every project as challenge and deliver with in cost, budget, time and quality.


1) Front End and Design Engineering

- Systems and schematic engineering
- Equipment and materials specifications
- Instrumentation/Electrical systems design
- Facilities layout and plot plans
- Feasibility studies

2) Detailed Design and Engineering
- Instrumentation
- Electrical
- Civil/Structural
- General Civil and Fire Protection

4) CAD Services
- Paper drawings conversion to Intelligent CAD drawings i.e P&IDs, ILDs etc
- Custom CAD works

5) Miscellaneous Services

- Project Management
- Consultancy & Advisory Services
- System Audits & Verification
- Risk assessment
- Pre-bid / proposal engineering
- Cost estimations and BOQ
- Procurement support
- Field / Construction support

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