Innovasys delivers Process Control & Automation systems suitable to your applications and in accordance with the international standards. From stand-alone processes that need basic, reliable functionality to complex integrated systems that control critical or hazardous operations, Innovasys has the expertise to deliver projects with the quality and safety our clients expect.

Innovasys guides its client to select the necessary technology and associated platforms right from the start of the life cycle of the Automation system. We integrate our ideas, knowledge and skills with your requirements to guide through this whole process of system & technology selection, build and commissioning.


Custody and Inplant Flow Metering Systems

- Flow computer hardware
- Flow computer software applications
- PLC based Flow Metering Systems / SCADA
- Metering Control Panels
- Ultrasonic Flow Meter
- Thermal Mass Flow Meter
- Turbine Flow Meter
- Averaging Pitot Tube
- PD Meter
- Orifice Plate
- Venturi Meter
- Flow Nozzle
- Vortex Flow Meter
- Electromagnetic Flow Meter

- Flow Meter Selection
- Functional Design Specifications
- Technical Design Specifications
- Sizing Calculations
- Instrument Datasheets
- Audit & Evaluation i.e Metering Audits
- Acceptance Test Manuals
- Instruction and Operation Manuals

Enterprise Historian

Your Data is a valuable Asset, Donot compromise your Logging, Log without Loss of Data.

- Logged Data must be accurate and reliable.
- Requested data must be presented as fast as possible. The user’s time is very valuable, don’t make them wait!
- Software must be responsive to the user at all times. A user should never be “locked out” while the program “computes” data.
- Charts must show real-time data along with the historical data.
- Screen real-estate is premium space so use it effectively.
- Users should have flexibility in arranging the display layout and formatting.
- The user interface must follow standard conventions. It must be simple, obvious and easy to learn.
- Users should not be required to press a refresh button to see accurate data after changing a display setting.

Enterprise HMI

- Monitor plant performance and use detailed downtime analyses for greater asset utilization
- Increase plant productivity and efficiency through OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) monitoring & reporting
- Alarm Analytics provides insight into alarm frequency, statistics, user acknowledgements, priority distributions and hidden correlations

Emergeny Shutdown System / Safety Instrumented System

Todays Industrial Plants are more complicated and involve substantial energies of chemical process. These Technologies and Processes, however, have severe potential to give way to Accidents harming Human Life and Property.

ESD systems helps to avoid such hazards / accidents and lead to safe shutdown of your process partially or completely. ESD systems have:

- Improved self diagnostics
- Better reliability
- IEC 61508 Safety compliance
- TUV certified technologies
- Redundant/TMR Architecture

ANSI / ISA-84.00.01-2004 (IEC 61511 Mod) requires that equipment used in Safety Instrumented systems be chosen on either IEC 61508 certification to the appropriate SIL level or justification based on 'prior use' criteria (ANSI / ISA-84.00.01-20049IEC 61511 Mod), part 1, section 11.5.3).

Distributed Control System

DCS concept comes from earlier times when Single Loop Controllers were used. In todays Modern time, DCS philosophy is implemented through Programmable Controllers. DCS technology has eveolved through years and now DCS focus on providing all automation solutions through single platform and one window shop.

DCS helps to give a distributed control to a plant facility and maintain better control. State-of-the-art DCS Technologies then integrate the distributed control in a seamless manner at one point for monitoring and better control.

- Allows process control and partial Shutdown of plant for Maintenance
- Integrated Alarming and Management
- Easy Integration of remote facilities to CCR
- Improved Individual Control
- Integrated Operations Reports

Boiler/Burner Management System

BMS are required to provide safe and reliable start-up, operation and shutdown of burners and related fuel supply devices. BMS prevents startup if proper conditions are not met and shutdown the Boiler in case of unsafe conditions.

Fire & Gas System

Despite advanced automation solutions for a plant facility in shape of ESD/DCS/PLC, another protection layer is also required which is embedded in form of Fire & Gas systems to prevent and mitigate the accidents as well as losses. Gas & Fire explosions are prevented through Fire & Smoke detectors interfaced with a programmable or standard devices depending on the expected results and response.

F&G systems technologies available today help plant operations in safe and reduce downtime by responding in a pre-determined manner and help to improve safety of human life and plant facility, and reduce Insurance Premiums.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System

SCADA focuses on Supervisor Control of a Automation system. It is basically a combination of integrated Software Packages installed and commissioned on top of a Hardware system which are interfaced to Field Instruments.

- Allows more than one Clients for multiple operators
- Integrated Alarming/Logging and Management
- Easy Integration with Asset Managment Systems
- Scalable to have more than one Data Servers
- Flexible and Analytical Reporting
- Extensive development facilties
- Easy to Maintenance

PLC Platforms based Process Control System

Conventional Programmable Logic Controllers have tremendous flexibility and options now a days to implement any scale of Automation requirements ranging from complete Oil & Gas Offshore platform to a small process in a Textile, Food or cement sector. It gives following advantages:

- Wide variety of I/O interfacing technologies
- Multiple Programming Languages
- Easy Integration with Asset Management Systems
- Quick Modifications and Maintenance
- Scalable Architecture
- Open communication Intefaces to other platforms

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