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Learn Essential Theory, Planning and Design of Solar PV Systems with Calculations

Training Mode: Online Recorded Video based Lectures Course
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Instructor: Asif Khokher (NABCEP-PVIP, PMP, RMP) | Innovasys Engineering
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Highly recommended Training for Solar PV Professionals including Beginners
Train Your Staff like Engineers, Technicians, Sales Persons & Others
100% Guaranteed Professional Learning    
This Solar PV Courses or Training brings Basics to Advanced Learning of Solar Energy, PV Modules & Systems, Charge Controllers, Inverters, Batteries, Solar PV Project Planning, Detailed Site Survey, Feasibility and Financial aspects, Mechanical Design, Detailed System Design & Sizing of On/Off Grid Applications
This course is bundled with many of applied calculations and sizing examples which shall increase your confidence to 100%.   
12 Modules, 350 Slides, 12 Hours of Video Lectures (60 Hours of Learning Time)
Learn Essential Theory and Working of Solar Energy and PV Modules
Learn Planning, Site Survey and Design of On-Grid/Off-Grid Systems in detail
Grip Your Understanding of Working and Selecton of Charge Controllers, Inverters and Batteries
Carry Out Calculations with confidence practicing various Examples. Excel Sheets provided.

Sample Slides:

Course Objectives:

  1.  To Learn complete, necessary and essential theory of solar energy, PV modules/systems, charge controllers, inverters and batteries in an easy and understandable way 
  2.  To Learn and understand System Planning and Design consisting of Customer Requirements, Site Survey & Planning, Mechanical Design, On-Grid/Off-Grid System Sizing and key Electrical Design as per NEC 690 
  3.  To Practice and Solve 35 applied technical questions including calculations (theory explained) leading to expert approach and confidence
  4.  Carry out Sizing of On-Grid and Off-Grid Systems in Excel Sheet (for PV Arrays, Inverter(s) and Battery Bank) 
  5.  Understand Core Concepts of Solar PV system as per NEC690  
  6.  To Strengthen Knowledge on a sound Professional basis, and add Core Technical Value to your knowledge  
  7.  To Learn in hours from zero to perfection. If you are planning for Industry Certifications, then this course brings considerable preparatory material helping you achieve your objective<